Peace of mind creates flow in the body

Welcome - I have made this site to clarify what health really is.  I would also like to share advice and inspire you to become more healthy and peaceful.

I have been engaged in meditation, Vedic Astrology and the ancient system of health called Ayurveda for more than 30 years, and these areas have been a great help in understanding the fundamentals behind health and disease. Enjoy.

Nicolay Marcus Zederlinn


Health is peace of mind

If you really want perfect health, you have to find the peace within. From the time you wake up, until the time you go to sleep, you are having an internal dialog that draws your attention to it. But you don´t have to identify with the constant stream of thoughts in your head. If you instead move your awareness to the eternal peace that permeates everything, then you will find that the body moves in the direction of balance and wellbeing.

The thousands of year old system of health, known as ayurveda explains the fundamental reason for disease and calls it "Pragya Paradh" - the mistake of the intellect. When the intellect identifies with the ego and forgets who it really is, diseases arise. 

How to create health?

If you want a healthy body, then start by doing more of the things that create peace in your mind. It can be a walk in nature, reading a spiritual book, doing yoga or meditating. Ten very slow, deep breaths can also be helpful. You probably already know what suits you. It is important to integrate some of these suggestions in your daily routine, so that it really makes a difference for you.

Thoughts and old patterns create disease

Health is actually your normal state of being. But negative thoughts and old patterns create disease. Every time your mind is peaceful the negative thoughts and old patterns start to dissolve, hence the foundation for health is always inner peace. It can, however, be very helpful to work directly with your thoughts and patterns in order to change them, and thereby enhance the experience of a peaceful mind.

Changing negative thoughts 

Negative thoughts will stop, when you fully become aware of their effect on your wellbeing. One of the best ways to become aware of your thoughts is to write them down on a piece of paper. Look at each sentence, and see how you feel. Ask questions like "Do I really want to continue thinking this thought?" or "How will I feel without this thought?". There are many ways to change your thinking. Teachers like Byron Katie or Abraham Hicks can be useful in this process.

Changing old patterns

Peace of mind removes old negative programming and patterns in the long run. It is, however, possible to remove an old pattern directly, if you can find its origin. When you don´t feel at ease, close your eyes and say: "I want to see the original cause of this pattern". If you are persistent, your will find the original cause of the problem. Many healers or spiritual therapist can also be helpful in this area.

Diet and daily rutines

When your mind is peaceful, you will spontaneously eat more healthy foods. It can, however, be very helpful to practice listening to your body. Try to pay attention to what you eat on a daily basis and see how it influences the digestion, the stomach, your moods and your thoughts. Just a few minutes of practice each day will teach you a lot about healthy foods and healthy eating habits. Try it for a month or so and you will become your own health expert. 


Your diet and daily eating habit will come into alignment with the principles of ayurveda, when you listens thoroughly

to the signals of your body, The influence of food has been known to humans for more than 5000 years and is described in this

ancient healthcare system. The word Ayurveda means, the science of life and it contains a lot of knowledge on healthy daily routines, diet, detoxification and herbal medicine. A lot of the tips are not known to our modern western society, but some of them you can find fx in old English proverbs like; "After lunch rest a while - after dinner walk a mile" or "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. You can read a lot more about ayurveda here.

Ayurvedic guidance

Price: Euro 129. (Duration: 50 minutes – online).

The ayurvedic tips can improve your health and wellbeing immensely. It is surprising how many diseases can be alleviated or cured by an adjustment in diet and daily routines. You can benefit from an ayurvedic guidance if you want to improve your wellbeing and reduce imbalances like hot flashes, insomnia, skin problems, constipation, depression, a sluggish digestion, diabetes, overweight and many more. You can read more and order an ayurvedic guidance on this link

Vedic astrology

Ayurveda is closely connected to vedic astrology. The vedic horoscope can reveal an emotional cause of a disease or suggest healing for weak areas in the body. Vedic astrology can also predict tendencies in the future and advice on spiritual development, among others. Read more on this link

Books on ayurveda

If you are interested in vegetarian, ayurvedic cooking, you can buy books and read more on this link


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