Peace of mind creates flow in the body

Ayurvedic guidance

Price: Euro 99,- (Duration: 50 minutes – online).

If you want to eat healthier or reduce diseases and imbalances like hot flashes, insomnia, skin problems, constipation, depression, a sluggish digestion, diabetes and overweight, then make an appointment for an Ayurvedic consultation. It is surprising how many diseases can be alleviated or cured with an adjustment in diet and daily routines. In accordance with your individual bodytype, you will

recieve guidance into diet and daily routines that will change your general well-being to the better.

The appointment will be online. You will recieve a link to the guidance. It is easy and safe. Book an appointment below.

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Ayurveda and waste products

The thousands of years old health system called ayurveda is a great tool for a healthier diet and life-promoting habits. Ayurveda describes the digestion as one of the key focal points for health. When the digestion functions optimally, the body is normally healthy and feels light and in balance. If, on the other hand, the digestion is weak, then waste products are formed, which settle in the body's channels and reduce communication between the various parts. It is said that waste products are to blame for at least half of all diseases and therefore ayurveda attaches great importance in this area. Waste products occur when food is not optimally transformed. This manifests as stiffness in the body, bad taste in the mouth, impaired breathing and a lack of energy. Accumulation of waste products over a long period of time often results in illness.

The ayurvedic knowledge contains a lot of excellent advice on diet and healthy daily routines, which can reduce the waste products in the body and thereby also significantly reduce diseases and other discomfort.

Horoscope reading

Price: Euro 199,- (Duration: 1 hour, online).

If you want to know which partner or job that suits you, what the root cause of a disease is, or in which direction you should go, then sign up for astrological advice. We will discuss your current situation and how to deal with it. You can also be guided in your spiritual development, if you wish. In addition, we can take a look at when there will be an opportunity for a move, a romance, a job etc.

You will get an analysis of your personal characteristics and we will take a look at the tendencies that will become stronger in the future, even though free will always plays a part.


It is the vedic astrology called jyotish, which is used for interpretation. This astrology is cognized by enlightened beings and is surprisingly accurate and easy to use.

The appointment will be online. You will recieve a link to the reading. It is easy and safe. Book your appointment below.

Combine the two consultations

Price: Euro 239,- (Duration: 75 minutes online). Offer right now: 209,- euro

The best from both ayurveda and astrology. Book an appointment below.

All of the consultations are with Nicolay Marcus Zederlinn. Read more about Nicolay here.


"Ayurveda and Nicolay's knowledgeable guidance have changed my life forever. By living in accordance with Ayurveda, I have healed my body and soul from a disease that doctors said was incurable".

Charlotte R. Andersen

Danish Nurse


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